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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a quote?

We offer three ways for you to get a quote:

1.) Complete our easy Quote Form Request

2.) You can also email for a quote request at     

3.) Give us a call at 504-394-3700.

How do I get my products?

1.) We offer free delivery to the Metropolitan

     New Orleans Area.

2.) We ship nationwide.

3.) You can pick up at the office.

What is the minimum quantity for...

Promotional items (pens, cups, koozies):
Most promotional items have a varied range depending on the item. It is best to let us know which item you need and we can provide you with the details.

The minimum quantity is 12 pieces.
1 or more.
Digital and Offset Printing:
Any range from 1 to thous

Can I put a picture on cups/can coolers?

There are different processes of imprinting which do allow full color reproduction but the cost is usually more than a 1 color imprint.

What is vector art?

Vector art is created using vector illustration software programs, such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. These programs use mathematic equations and geometric primitives (points, lines, and shapes) to create art that is clean, camera ready, and can be scaled infinitely, without any loss of quality or fidelity.

How can you tell if your art is Vector Art? One way is by the file type. Vector art is usually created in Adobe Illustrator, and is commonly saved with certain file extensions. The four most common Vector file extensions are .ai, .pdf, .eps and .svg.

300 Dpi vs. 72 Dpi

D.P.I. stand for "Dots per Inch." It's the measurement used within the printing and graphics design industry to determine how sharp an image is.

The difference between 300 dpi and 72 dpi is found in the amount of pixel information (or dots) for every square inch of the image you are viewing. The more dots/pixels the image contains, the sharper the image will print.

When designing graphics for commercial printing purposes, your images should be 300 dpi.
Web graphics and online photos are normally created at 72 dpi. This low resolution is great for the web. Not great for your business cards.  
Printing will look blurry if a 72 dpi image is used as compared to using a 300 dpi high res image.

What is the order process?

We will first give you an estimate on all costs. If the estimate is approved, we will proceed to prepare the artwork and send you a proof. Production will not start unless we receive approval of the proof. Once your order is ready you can pick it up at our Belle Chasse location, or we can deliver it to you at no extra cost.

Does all artwork have to be submitted online?

Online submission is encouraged but we gladly accept artwork on a flash drive or disc sent by mail or courier. Be sure to include your contact information and send artwork to Print All, Inc. 7962 Hwy 23 Belle Chasse, LA 70037.

What does bleed mean?

Bleed is a printing term that is used to describe an item where the image touches the edge leaving no blank margin. When items bleed, they are sometimes printed on larger sheets of paper or other substrate and then trimmed down to the correct size.

When will my order be ready?

Jobs vary on turnaround time ranging from 1 to 14 days depending on the type of item. Once you approve the proof, simpler digital projects may take only a day while, offset projects, signs, t-shirts and promotional items typically take around 5-14 business days. We always do our best to accommodate your timeline.

What if I need an item that is not shown on your website?

We Print All imaginable items. If you do not see an item on our website, you can call us at 504-394-3700 or send in the quote form describing the item you need.

What is a set up fee?

The set-up cost covers preparing screens or plates depending on the item and is different from art charges which are for creation and design.

Why am I getting charged for freight? If I pick my order up, will freight go down?

Many promotional items come from specialty factories around the U.S. (sometimes even overseas). The freight charge covers the transit from that factory to our facility or to you directly. We offer free delivery in the metro New Orleans area and free pickup from our Belle Chasse plant.

Will I get a proof?

Yes, we proof every job with very few exceptions. We will email you an artwork proof in PDF format for all projects. Sometimes, on complex jobs, we make want you to approve a spec sample or a press sheet. The only time we do not provide proofs is if the project is an exact reorder from us.

My Art Isn’t Vector! What Now?

The file that you have might not be the only one out there. If you had a professional designer create your art, contact them, and ask for the vector files. If you work in a large company, contact your company’s marketing department or design department.

If, after all of this, you discover that you have a non-vector art file, and you need vector art, we can re-create the art in vector format. Design fees will incur if we need to recreate your art.

Are you open Saturday?

Only by appointment.

Our regular hours of operation are

Mon-Thu 8 am - 5 pm. Friday 8 am - 4.30 pm.

What kind of printing do you do?

We offer many forms of printing, Offset, Digital, Signage, Screen Printing and Promotional products are some of the options we offer at Print All.

What kind of artwork files do you accept?

We prefer PDF but can work with most file types. When submitting layout files that are not PDF files, be sure to include all fonts and graphics with your files. Images should be CMYK and 300 dpi (dots per inch) at the final size in the layout. Use TIFF or EPS file formats to achieve the best color quality and sharpness of image.

Many common software programs are not well suited for the printing industry, but with some additional effort we can usually convert them to a usable format. If you are ready for us to print but not sure about your artwork file, send it to us and we will examine it.

What kind of payment form do you accept?

We accept Cash, Checks, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you are located in the Metropolitan New Orleans area and we have established a relationship, you can apply for a Net 30 account.

Process vs. PMS 

Spot Color printing

This type of printing consists of printing with 1 or more stock colors (generally 1, 2 or 3 colors at once). Spot printing uses a color system of solid, premixed colors known as Pantone colors.



When using spot printing, colors are more accurate because you have already determined the color by its specific Pantone number. Some colors, such as metallics and fluorescents, are only available as spot colors—the same color and effect can’t be achieved using 4-color process.

Spot color is generally more economical if printing is kept to 3 colors or less.


4-Color Process Printing

Process printing uses 4 colors which, together, are known as CMYK:

  • Cyan

  • Magenta

  • Yellow

  • Black (also known as “Key”)


The combination of these colors, used on their own are overlapped with one another, will produce nearly a full color spectrum typically used when printing photographic types of images, or graphics with lots of color depth.



If it takes more than 3 colors to achieve a print reproduction, than 4-color printing will probably be most economical. CMYK printing is the best method to achieve realistic looking photographs on a printed piece.

How can Print All save me money?

The key to saving money is matching your unique project to the ideal process either in our plant or at one of the hundreds of promotional factories we work with. Our goal is always to offer options that will save you the most money.

What are some Common Problems with submitted files?

The most common problems we encounter are…
Improper set-up for Bleeds: Make sure to extend your artwork 1/8” beyond the edges that Bleed. Also, do not put important information or borders too close to the edges that get trimmed off. An exception is Envelopes, which are not trimmed. On Envelopes, only extend your artwork 1/16" beyond the edge(s) that bleed.
Poor Image Resolution: Images must be at least 300 dpi for proper clarity. Do not use images from the web because they are generally low resolution and will appear pixilated (jagged and blurry) when printed.

Text and Grammar Issues: Make sure your text has good contrast against its background. Also, avoid the use of small text, especially if it is white text against a colored background. Make sure to proof your file for spelling and grammar errors before forwarding it to us.
Crop Marks: Please include the crop marks on your artwork and make sure they are properly placed. Also please remove all unnecessary crop marks.

Will the colors on the Proof be Accurate?

When viewing PDF proofs on your monitor or from your desktop printer keep in mind there will be a slight variance in color, so Print All cannot guarantee the printed color(s) will match the PDF preview. However, the PDF proof will be a close representation of the finished piece.

Print All offers no guarantee of "match-print" or "match-product" color fidelity. Print All cannot prevent slight color shift throughout an order. Color fidelity warranted by Print All is consistent with industry standards for "pleasing color." We ask that all uploaded files be designed in CMYK and uploaded in CMYK. If you send us an RGB file, we will need to convert it to CMYK which will alter the color from your original file.

What are standard banner sizes? 

The most popular banner sizes are 2’x4’, 3’x6’ and 4’x8’. However, our vinyl banner sizes really are limitless and can be custom made to any size.

How big can I print?

Depending on the type of printing you need, we can create seamless large format prints ranging from 63” wide to 150’ long. Rigid sign prints like, coroplast, foam, and aluminum composites can go up to 4’x8’ in a single sheet or be tiled to create much larger signs. Rigid materials up to 4” thick can be printed.

Does it come with grommets?

Yes, we will put metal grommets into each corner of a banner and space approximately 18”-24” across the length standard. These are punched out holes that are lined with a metal ring. The ring keeps the hole from tearing and makes hanging easier. The rope can be run through the grommets for hanging or hook both ends of a bungee cord into the grommets. Additional grommets can be added at additional costs. Extra large banners may required webbing sewn into the hem to add strength and wind slits can be added if required.

How fast can I get my sign? I really do need it yesterday.

Depending on the type of sign, its size, and quantity, we can produce your sign in as little as a few hours but rush charges may apply. Normal turn around time is 1-3 days for most computer cut vinyl signs, 2-4 days for digitally printed signs, 7-10 days for screen printed signs, and 2-3 weeks for dimensional lettering. If special materials, permits, or production techniques are required it could take longer. 

If you need something fast let us know what your needs are and we will work with you to provide signage to accomplish your goals. We are here to make you look good. 

Can you reproduce my logo?

Yes. While we can work from a business card, the image quality is poor and the art will have to be re-created. A quality electronic file is preferred and will lower the set-up costs. Vector files are required to allow for scalability to large sizes. If you do not have print ready vector files we can create them for you. We are happy to quote recreating art and set-up charges which vary depending on the artwork that you provide, the quality of the artwork, the number of colors involved, and the intended use.

What are vinyl graphics? 

Vinyl graphics are logos and letters computer cut onto a thin vinyl film with a pressure sensitive backing. These can then be applied to any non-porous surface to create durable, cost effective, attractive signage. Vinyl graphics are the perfect choice for small quantities of signs or for vehicle and window lettering.

On reorders, what should I do?

Reorders are very simple. Just call us at 504-394-3700. Or, email us or send us a Fax at (504) 392-7526.

Please provide the following information:

  • Project Description

  • Your Contact Information

  • Confirmation that the quantity and specifications are the same as the prior order


Though not necessary, it also really helps if you have the previous Invoice # and Date.

Do you offer a Guarantee?

Yes, Print All offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not happy with your product, notify us within seven (7) business days of receiving your order. If the product is deemed to be faulty, we will, at our discretion, either reprint or rework your order to the original specifications or refund the amount of the order once it is returned to us. If you should ever have any questions about your printing project, please contact us at 504-394-3700 or email at

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